Adding Digital Coupons For Your Loyalty Customers is Just a Click Away Leading retailers around the country have added digital coupons to their customer loyalty programs. And with significant results. They are enjoying as much as a 15% sales lift per store visit for those shoppers who use digital coupons. And most have said that as many as 1/3 of digital coupon users are new to coupons! These statistics are outstanding. Not only are digital coupons causing new users to view and save coupons to their favorite retailer store, they are providing incremental revenues at an extremely low cost to the retailer. No other merchandising program yields such a high return on investment like the Save-to-Card program Cellfire offers its retailer partners.

We're experts at integrating our digital couponing service with your loyalty system. We were the first to launch the service with Kroger back in 2008. Safeway went live with Cellfire and CouponLink in the summer of 2009. ShopRite initiated their service during the fall of 2009. And most recently, Giant Eagle and Shop 'n Save began offering digital coupons with Cellfire earlier this year. And we're consistently adding more grocers, drug retailers, and convenience stores every quarter.

Cellfire partners closely with your IT team to insure that the implementation is fast, simple and flawless the first time. In some instances, we have performed the integration in just a few short weeks. IT costs are kept to a minimum and marketing can advertise the new features within a few months. Win-win programs like this don't come around too often; the time to take advantage of digital promotions and Save-to-Card programs is now.

Cellfire's additional value resides with our expansive mobile, web, and TV distribution network. We've built an expansive affiliate network that attracts shoppers to redeem offers at your store. We've partnered with Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile service provider in the United States, offering our service as Spend Smart coupons. We've built mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, and the Blackberry. We've syndicated promotions for use on other iPhone and Android mobile applications. We support a texting promotions service that saves the offer directly to your loyalty card.

There are so many ways for shoppers nationwide to discover, clip, and redeem offers at your store. And with such an appealing ROI, why hesitate? Request more information