Partner Program Overview

Cellfire Coupon Syndication

Cellfire has created a syndication platform for mobile apps and web sites so that consumers can easily discover and store coupons to their grocery store savings card. Cellfire's award-winning service works via web site or mobile application and can be redeemed at over 22,000 retailer stores nation-wide.

QSyndication helps you to:

3 Ways to Integrate

Cellfire offers three ways to integrate coupons into your website or mobile app:

Simple Mobile App Integration
QMobile - Our mobile platform for integrating the "coupon save to card" service into iPhone and Android applications.
Simple Website Integration
QFrame - Our web-based platform for iframe integration into participating web sites.
Advanced Integration
QMobile Coupons - Our discovery APIs that allow for deep customization of coupons displayed on your application or website.

Which is Right for you?

Let us help you figure it out. Do you have: